Slovenčina (Slovensko)English (United Kingdom)

   Friško is a Music and Dance Company. Individual members have dance, music and theatrical experience of the leading artistic ensembles. Paths of individual members to come up with the idea to work with their own motifs when his own creation. Therefore, the main domain of our work has become a new creation, dramatically modified, musical and dance performances focusing mostly on folklore.

     Folklore we stylized non-traditional way. We work with modern music, but also focuses on traditional folk practices in music, song and dance. Introducing folklore from another point of view of not only traditional but also in other versions as it mightlook like once.

      Friško despite fashion trends and the huge influx of foreign culture and dignitykeeps spreading traditional arts of the Slovak nation. Currently, the group presents a rich and varied repertoire focused on the Slovak audience, but also external viewerfor the Slovak culture is lively and interesting.

      Music and Dance Company Friško is he aded by Werkeľ, a civic association.